AMTD involved in Restart a Heart Day 2017 !

AMTD involved in Restart a Heart Day 2017 !

Restart a heart day- Oct 16th 2017

Restart a Heart Day is a designated day of action across Europe with the aim to teach vital life saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills to as many people as possible

Last year, over 100,000 secondary school children were trained in CPR . This year the target has been increased to 150,000 children.

AMTD are offering local secondary schools the opprtunity to participate in Restart a heart day. If you are invloved with a secondary school and would like to be part of the largest mass CPR training event then call Alison on 07915609788 or email We are volunteering 3 days , 16th 18th and 19th October .

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving. In places such as Norway, where CPR is more widely taught, the survival rate is four times that amount. There are several key factors to this success such as increasing the number of Community Public Access Defibrillators, but we know that one major difference is widespread training in CPR.

Over 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital in the UK every year. If this happens in front of a bystander who starts CPR immediately before the arrival of the ambulance, the victim’s chances of survival double or triple.

What will the day involve?
On Restart a Heart Day, 3 of our instructors (based on the number of students participating) will visit each school . The length of time required will depend on how many children are participating. Our Instructors will teach the children how to perform CPR using an interactive DVD and practical instruction on CPR training manikins. Children will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

The maximum class size will depend on the number of instructors and equipment available. If for example a school is eligible to receive (or already has) the British Heart Foundation Call Push Rescue kit, this contains 35 inflatable manikins. A school can apply for the kit here:


What resources are needed?
1. An appropriate-sized room for the requested number of children to be taught at the same time, with plenty of floor space to work on. Chairs/tables are not required as children are on the floor for the duration of the training.
2. Multimedia facilities – a DVD player and large projector screen (with speakers)
3. BHF ‘Call Push Rescue’ Kit with 35 manikins and wipes/hygiene equipment and/or CPR manikins provided by the training provider.

Each session will last a maximum of 30 minutes. The limitations of what can be taught in 30 minutes have to be realised. We aim only to equip students with the skills to recognise a cardiac arrest, call for help and give them the confidence to at least perform CPR until the arrival of an ambulance.