Quality Matters!

Quality Matters!

AMTD – Where quality matters!

AMTD are delighted to announce that we are now a Qualsafe approved centre! Qualsafe is the UK’s largest awarding organisation for first aid qualifications.

So why did we want to become an approved centre?

In Oct 2013 the Health and Safety regulations 1981 were amended to remove the requirement for the HSE to approve and monitor first aid training and training providers. In effect, this meant that the First aid sector had no regulatory body and the onus was on the employer to ensure that they were using a training provider that met their needs.

Our customers were content to keep us as their preferred provider of First Aid Training as they knew that we provided a quality training programme that had altered very little from when we were HSE approved for 7 years, and continued to offer them excellent value for money compared to our competitors.

How though to attract new customers who are not aware of our unique selling points and may therefore have concerns?

Our answer was to become an approved centre with Qualsafe which is regulated by Ofqual, a government recognised awarding organisation. All our First aid qualifications are now accredited by Qualsafe at no additional cost to our customers!

We have used the training resources produced by Qualsafe for a number of years and we feel their ethos is a good match for AMTD where quality matters and we genuinely care about the training we do.

We will be advertising some special offers in the near future to celebrate our achievement so keep an eye on the website! – www.amtd.co.uk