HSE vital Health and Safety statistics published for 2015

HSE vital Health and Safety statistics published for 2015

HSE publishes vital health and safety statistics for health and safety for 2015.

Britain is one of the safest places to work in Europe but the latest health and safety statistics from the HSE show that 27.3 million working days were lost last year due to work-related ill health and 142 fatalities occurred in the same year! In addition, 611,000 injuries occurred at work with 728 cases being prosecuted and 12,430 enforcement notices were issued!

It’s no surprise that the construction and agriculture sectors had the highest rate of fatalities with 35 and 33 respectively.

Around 80% of the work-related conditions were musculoskeletal disorders or stress, anxiety and depression.

Dr Karen McDonnell Rospa’s occupational health and safety policy advisor said ” These figures are proof that ill health remains the bigger issue when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.” She went on to add” One fatality in the workplace is too many. Our message is that we want all workers to come home safe after their shifts and we urge employers to do all they can to ensure their workers are safe.”

How can AMTD  support you ?

If your risk assessments show a need for more first aiders in the workplace but you are unsure just how many you do need AMTD can help you with this. Just visit our website www.amtd.co.uk and see the calculator on the first aid pages to work out your organisations’ needs. If you would like any further help you can always call us on 07915609788 and speak to Alison or Pat and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Changes to sentencing for health and safety offences

Please be aware that from next February there are new sentencing guidelines for Health and safety offences which are likely to result in huge increases in the amounts organisations are fined. Sentencing Council member Micheal Caplan QC said ” These guidelines will introduce a consistent approach to sentencing, ensuring fair and proportionate sentences for those who cause death or injury to their employees or the public or put them at risk. These offences can have very serious consequences and it is important that sentences reflect these.”



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